NTSO Umpires are expected to continue developing their craft through continuing education, training and rules review.  Members will maintain a professional appearance and demeanor at all times on the field.


NTSO Umpires are background checked and insured.  No umpire may be on the field representing NTSO without having passed a full background check.


NTSO members are paid every two weeks, without fail.  Large tournaments are paid no later than two days after the conclusion of the tournament.


For 2020, returning members must only complete the Background Check Consent Form.  New members must complete the NTSO Application, the Background Check Consent Form, the W9, and the ACH Form (for direct deposit payments).  Umpires under 18 years of age must also have a parent or guardian complete the Parental Consent Form.  All paperwork and chapter dues must be completed and turned in before games will be assigned.

- NTSO Membership Application

- Background Check Consent Form

- W9 (October 2018 version)

- ACH Direct Deposit Form

- Parental Consent Form


Dues for 2021 have yet to be determined.

Teenagers wishing to learn to umpire will begin in Coach Pitch games.  This allows them to learn foundational rules and mechanics they will need should they wish to move up into kid pitch.  Prospective umpires must:

  • Be 13 years old before the beginning of the season

  • Have a sense of General Baseball Knowledge

  • Be able to apply league rules in a fair and consistent manner

  • Be able to move and react quickly

  • Be able to learn and understand basic movements/mechanics

  • Be able to process constructive criticism  

  • Be able to remain calm and relaxed in pressure situations

  • Be able to represent NTSO on (and off) the field

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